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Coordinators are the link between those affected and specialists. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Foundation coordinators work remotely: they answer calls and letters; offer people with ALS and their relatives a help route; inform about the disease and which specialists to turn to; help gather the necessary documents to receive help from the state; accompany the family at all stages of the disease. Coordinators make appointments for consultations with doctors and other specialists of the foundation.

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A palliative care physician consults with the patient, discusses possible disease scenarios and methods of care for the chosen scenario, and prescribes medications, including morphine, to relieve shortness of breath. The foundation also helps the patient gather all the documents so that the person can be recognized as needing palliative care and medical products: breathing equipment, coughing devices, electrically powered adaptive beds and others.

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Specialists from the fund work with the patient and family on many issues: what social services are provided when a person is disabled, how to draw up an individual rehabilitation program (IPRA), how to obtain the technical means of rehabilitation that are due from the state, how to obtain financial compensation when purchasing rehabilitation equipment yourself, how to exchange housing for suitable, accessible housing for a person with a disability, how to qualify for free parking, what is payment for the care of someone with a Group 1 disability and how to draw it up.